Radi Radoši



The project objective and expected results are fully achieved during the project implementation - welfare of children from large families, children at risk of social exclusion, and other children in the Salaspils municipality has increased - 62 children and young people have been involved free of charge in activities of two technical creativity circles. 32 children between 4 and 14 years have participated in lego circle, while 30 children and young people between 10 and 18 years – in model aircraft circle. Participation in circle’s activities has contributed to children's creative thinking and technical capacity development. This statement is approved by the children’s achievements during project - participation in the Latvian national lego-robotics competitions with self-made robots, as well as participation in the Latvian national model aircraft competitions with self-made free flying model aircrafts. The attendance of circles created during the project has provided possibilities of high-quality leisure time for children of Salaspils municipality near their homes.

One of the most significant project results planned and also achieved is formulation and development of two programs of interest’ education - "Lego" and "Model aircrafts". Both programs are approved and agreed in accordance with the state regulations and are freely available to all interested stakeholders.

This project is important starting point of technical innovation movement in the Salaspils municipality. Lego and model aircraft circles established during the project in the specially equipped premises in so-called "creative house" in Rigas Street 36, Salaspils, will continue be operational after the end of the project. The good results of this project and a large response from the children and their parents have stimulated project beneficiary in collaboration with the project partners to launch two more circles of technical creativity in the near future. These will be circle of robotics and circle of electronics. Technical innovation movement launched during the project is expected to continue and expand in Salaspils municipality in the coming years.

Project partner - Salaspils municipality played an important role during the project implementation. Project partner provided both methodological support in the development of programs of interest’ education and material support for providing, placement and furnishing the premises suitable for work of both circles. The project partner is committed to provide financial and methodological support to ensure sustainability of the project results and their development. Project funding was not transferred to the project partner for the implementation of the project activities.

Implementation of the project has made a direct investment in the development of civic participation, because nearly all staff of the project including teachers and assistents in both circles are the parents of children from large families. They have made significant contribution to the promotion of well-being for themselves and other people of Salaspils municipality.

Technical innovation movement created by the project has direct impact to the  well-being of families in the Salaspils municipality, both now and in the long term. It is expected that active participation in the circles created during the project, will raise interest of children to natural and engineering sciences, which are and will be the basis for economic growth and welfare of our country.

In order to successfully engage in the project activities direct target group (children, including children from large families, children from low-income families, children with special needs) information on project activities and on opportunity to participate in the circles (classes) was distributed by e-mail to the members of associations representing project target group  (Salaspils large families association "Martinsala", Salaspils associations of the disabled children and young people with disabilities "Golden padlock" ), as well as information was posted on the official notice boards in such places as social center of Salaspils, both high schools, culture houses and kindergardens. It is estimated that the information in this way could have reached at least 500 potentially interested persons.

The project has made a direct investment in the welfare of the target group (as justified above), as well as of the children and young people in the risk of social exclusion helping them with integration into society, because technical creativity circles developed during the project are available free of charge near the living place making them available to all regardless of their social status. Even more – during the project admission rules for participation in the circles were drafted and approved. These rules forsee preference for the children and young people from the target group - children from poor and low-income families, large families and children with disabilities.