Radi Radoši


About Project

The project aims to promote welfare of children of large families and other children in the Salaspils municipality by creating interest and approbating technical education programs for children through creative thinking, creativity, technical abilities and quality leisure time close to home.

The target group is children of large families, and children at risk of social exclusion (including the low-income families and children with special needs), as well as other children of Salaspils municipality.

The project will be implemented in Salaspils municipality from August 2013 to June 2014.

In the scope of the project project the following activities will be implemented:

1. Project management;

2. Premises and equipment purchases;
3. Lego group pilot implementation;
4. Model aircraft group pilot implementation;
5. Analysis of the results of pilot projects and educational program development and accreditation;
6. Information and publicity measures for the implementation of the project.

The project aims to achieve the following results:

1. Materials purchased for lego and model aircraft groups.
2. Assistants of lego and model aircraft groups’ managers have attented a course on "Teaching the Basics" and have received certificates.
3. Children have learned the skills of basic design and construction of lego and model aircraft.
4.  Assistants of lego and model aircraft groups’ managers have 3 months work experience and will be able to manage similar groups in future.
5. The children have visited the AHHAA centre in Tartu.
6.  Developed interest education programs ready for implementation.