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    Video that inspired me to think about my future and studies (in Denmark) and getting better education.

    The post What makes You itch? Inspirational video about Education by Alan Watts appeared first on `rolandinsh`.…

    I am always sceptical about Ads on Social Platforms like Facebook or other places. They are greate to get attention for short time of perion from real users, but in long run I still think it's waste of money. Here are some evidences by BBC's technology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones, that... Lasīt tālāk…

    If you can sell anything, then sell me this pen right here. Why don’t you do me a favour and write down your name on that napkin right there. Supply and demand my friend. It’s about creating urgency. Then they want to buy the stock because it’s something that they need.

    The post Supply and demand my... Lasīt tālāk…

    I like inspiring stories. This time about AirBnB.

    The post How AirBnB started (short video) appeared first on `rolandinsh`.…

    As part of my studies I had to make Executive Summary of current events in any article in any business related trustful media. Since topic was open, I found interesting to write about browser cookies and ads (, and online stalking of users) on multiple devices. One thing I never done before or at... Lasīt tālāk…

    Found article on LinkedIN about HTML5 Imports: Import HTML Files Into HTML Files. While it could be interesting for developers, but not yet for search engines.…

    Some moths ago I was surprised that it's hard for people to find out how to add holidays to their Outlook calendar. Sharing my notes with readers. Must be more than just few people who do not know how.

    The post How to add holidays to Outlook calendar appeared first on `rolandinsh`.…

    Look like has silently changed their referral policy and now You can't get more than 40 GB (earn 5 GB, for a maximum of 25 GB) of free space by referring friends.

    The post Looks like the days of unlimited referral bonuses are long gone. appeared first on `rolandinsh`.…

    Entrepreneur Barbie advice about how to free Yourself from box

    The post Don’t let anyone put you in a box – Entrepreneur Barbie advice appeared first on `rolandinsh`.…

    Nowadays it seems everyone is getting loads of traffic from Pinterest. Have you ever wondered how they get so much traffic? If you are not among them then you are not using the social network correctly or not using it at all. You need to apply some well-researched strategies to get the desired... Lasīt tālāk…




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