The group "Nycticorax" was created by Lodbrok in 17.04.2003, Riga, Latvia. The style is Black Metal.

Grupa spēlēja dažādos klubos Latvijā : Salamandrā, Melnajā piektdienā, Depo, Kabatā kā arī tādos festivālos kā Metalshow open air 2008, High times , Rock festivālā Jelgavā , Baltic Bizarre festival 2007

The demo-CD "Nosferatu" was recorded by the end of 2003.
The demo includes songs written by Lodbrok from1997 to 2003.
The bands first album "Umbra Mortis" (an independent release, Phoenix Studio) was recorded by the end of 2004 and includes the demo "Nosferatu". On March, 2005 Ashath was kicked out of the band and by April a new bassist joined them, "Voltz". On July, 2005 one more guitar player was added, "Morok".

By the end of November 2005, the band recorded the second album: "Black raven... Dark night" (Phoenix studio, Riga, Latvia). In June, 2006, Nycticorax signed deal to release album with label from Russia - Musica production ( ). In April 2007, with label "Ancient Beliefs" ( ) was published remastered and rearranged album "Umbra Mortis", which got out under new name "Umbra Mortis MMVII". In July Morok did the recordings for album "Anima Tenebrarum" and then left the band. In August Midgard left the band. On September 23rd the band finished the recordings of their 3rd album entitled: "Anima Tenebrarum". In October a new drummer joined the band, "Mjolnir".


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