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“Souvenir of the last century” MMXII Kitchen, 2012
Nucleo_Piergiorgio Robino
352x68x95H cm
Iron, Deconsecrated Marble Altar, Plywood, Iron pipe, Burner
Unique piece, site specific for a collector

Souvenir as an evidence of memories.

Souvenir as a gift for those who were not there.

Souvenir as a triumph of life experience.

“Souvenir of the last century” is a collection of memories up-cycled into new physical forms. Nucleo explores materials, experiences and points of references, both fragile, lost and strong. The memories of the past century has been re-found in discarded materials marked from its era. Full of scars the material creates characteristics stronger than when it was new. With “Souvenir of the last century” Nucleo has restored and preserved memories,mummifying fragments from the past, and mixed it up with the physical presence, the action, of now. By creating souvenirs of the last century also souvenirs for the future has become materialized.

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